Quality Control

REFEM takes great pride in bringing the highest quality Nigerian agricultural products to the world.

We foster close working relationships with our partnering farmers and growers to ensure we source only the highest quality, sustainably grown crops year-round.


Quality From The Source

REFEM works directly with growers and producers, assisting them with their operations and advising them on best practices to produce the finest standard of agricultural products.

REFEM also owns some farms as a template for training the growers on best practices, and today REFEM is certified in the following international standards: UEBT, RFA/UTZ, Organic standards( NOP & EOS).

Safe and Hygienic

All of REFEM’s agricultural exports are processed in safe and hygienic facilities. In addition to our focus on producing the highest standard of agricultural products, we are committed to the safety and well-being of our staff.



Controls and Testing

All of our exports are processed, refined and packaged in accordance with stringent quality specifications. REFEM conducts analytical testing of samples prior to shipment to ensure only products meeting our own high standards and the agreed-upon specifications of our buyers make it to the international market.

Why Choose REFEM?

  • Over 5000 tons of product export annually
  • Internationally recognized buying agent
  • Professional non-oil agro-allied network
  • Quality products packaged to export specifications
  • Inspection services provided with excellence
  • Experienced leadership team
  • REFEM supports local farmers with international exports