Dried Hibiscus

Dried Hibiscus

This is one of our principal export products. It is available throughout the year although the peak period is between November and April during the dry season. It is a medicinal herb and health food product used in the production of tea. We ship dried hibiscus flowers to major users in Eastern and Western Europe. We export in whole flowers, natural powders (siftings) and fine cuts (extracts).

Available Specifications:
• Colour: Red
• Moisture: 11%max
• Admixture: 2% maximum
• Stuffing: 12 metric tons in 1 x 40 FCL

Hibiscus Varieties

Destined to be the showpiece of any setting, this magnificent new Hibiscus wows with 6- to 8-inch blooms of the deepest, most velvety red ever seen in the family. Wide, rounded, overlapping petals are neatly pleated and gently ruffled at the tips, which are slightly darker, as if outlining the bloom for greater effect.

Dried hibiscus siftings are the broken pieces of hibiscus sabdariffa that has been separated / sifted from the whole flower. It has the same characteristics as the main hibiscus flowers and it is usually traded separately from the whole flower in the international market.

The hibiscus, available in hardy or tropical varieties, adds a splash of color to your garden with large, showy flowers and attractive foliage.